Shorts II Quick Film Review Sundance 2014

Here are my quick review of the short films in the “Shorts Program II” at The 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The films:

The Bravest, the Boldest 
A moving story about a pair of Army casualty-notification officers trying to give some bad news to Sayeeda Porter in a Harlem housing project. Excellent performances all around in this well directed powerful story.

Chapel Perilous A trippy story about a weird salesman with a crazy presentation. And Snakes!

I’m a Mitzvah An American man must take his dead friend home from rural Mexico. But when his flight is canceled, he spends one last night partying with his dead friend. Sort of a “Weekend at Bernie’s” meets “Y Tu Mama Tambien”. Funny, sad and touching.

Mi nina mi vida A guy in Quebec with a giant pink bear rides all the rides in an amusement park. I’m bored…very bored. But it is a bit touching at the end.

More Than Two Hours An Iranian film about a girl, bleeding for more than two hours. She and her boyfriend attempt to get medical care, but the patriarchal moralistic society stands between life and death. It was a bit slow, but did have moving moments.



PleasureAt the Q&A the director said she was an anti-porn activist, but then why did she make an objectifying exploitive film about extreme porn with NC-17 frontal nudity scenes? Because sex sells? It was a film with the poor storyline of porn and none of the sex. Nuff said.

Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns A very short documentary about… well, read the title.

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