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“Animation Spotlight” – 2015 Sundance Collection of Short Animated Films

Next up to see:  “Animation Spotlight” at The 2015 Sundance Film Festival.


Animation Spotlight

The animated film “Beach Flags”.

Beach Flags—Vida, a young Iranian lifeguard, is determined to be the one to participate in an international competition in Australia. However, when Sareh, who is just as fast and talented, joins the team, Vida faces an unexpected situation.

Palm Rot—An old Florida fumigator discovers a mysterious crate in the Everglades that ruins his day.

Two Films About Loneliness—A split screen separates the worlds of Jonathan Smallman, who is recording his online dating profile, and Philip Button, Internet chef and hamster, who is noisily recording his new cooking video.

Mynarski Death Plummet—A completely handmade historical micro-epic combining wartime aviation melodrama with classical and avant-garde animation techniques, Mynarski Death Plummet is a psychedelic photo-chemical war picture on the themes of self-sacrifice, immortality, and jellyfish.

Bath House—Six characters meet in a public bathhouse: the pedant bathhouse manager, a couple with a strange way of communicating, and a gang with shady intentions. Something goes wrong.

Tupilaq—The Tupilaq is both a symbol of the spirit of a forefather and a curse. This personal and moving short film revolves around the themes of cultural alienation, abuse, and the contrast between mythological Greenlandic nature and Western urban culture.

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal—A computer and a woman fall in love, only to be torn apart because of their inappropriate feelings for each other.

The Horse Raised By Spheres—Horse ponders his loneliness.

Storm hits jacket—A storm reaches the shores of Brittany. Nature goes crazy, and two young scientists get caught up in the chaos. Espionage, romantic tension, and mysterious events clash with enthusiasm and randomness.

Funny Photos From Sundance 2014

There are always some interesting things at Sundance. 2014 was no different.



Volunteers wearing fake heads at the premier of the movie “Frank“.

The film was picked up by Magnolia, so look for it in the theaters sometime this year.



Actor David Gerson from the short film Chapel Perilous.






The one-pound burger at the Grub Steak. Yum!



A mobile billboard advertising the utility of coal. Really? Coal?

Didn’t Sundance used to be some sort of environmental festival?

Is this the right crowd to promote a dirty fossil fuel to? I don’t think so.



Quite a few sightings of people wearing fur? Really? Isn’t that so last century?



The 2014 Sundance Short Film Award Winners

Here are the 2014 Sundance Shorts Award Winners

Of God And DogsThe Short Film Grand Jury Prize was awarded to: “Of God and Dogs” / Syrian Arab Republic (Director: Abounaddara Collective)

Gregory Go Boom

The Short Film Jury Award: U.S. Fiction was presented to: “Gregory Go Boom” / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Janicza Bravo) [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ONLINE]

The Cut

The Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction was presented to: “The Cut” / Canada (Director and screenwriter: Geneviève Dulude-Decelles)

How the footage looked

The Short Film Jury Award: Non-fiction was presented to: “I Think This Is the Closest to How the Footage Looked” / Israel (Directors: Yuval Hameiri, Michal Vaknin)


The Short Film Jury Award: Animation was presented to: “Yearbook” / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Bernardo Britto)

Rat Pack Rat

A Short Film Special Jury Award for Unique Vision was presented to: “Rat Pack Rat” / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Todd Rohal)

Love, Love, Love

A Short Film Special Jury Award for Non-fiction was presented to: “Love. Love. Love“. / Russia (Director: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram)


A Short Film Special Jury Award for Direction and Ensemble Acting was presented to: “Burger” / United Kingdom, Norway (Director and screenwriter: Magnus Mork)

Frank – Quick Review – Sundance 2014


Frank“, a film about a band whose leader, Michael Fassbender, wears a giant fake head. Domhnall Gleeson is a hack keyboard player who gets a lucky break when the band’s old keyboard player goes crazy and tries to drown himself.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is excellent as the band’s Theramin player and cause of a lot of their troubles. A strange, but fun film which examines mental illness, creativity and suffering. Very funny and sweet in spots, but overall a bit to odd.

You can watch the trailer here.

Film “Low Down” – Photos – Sundance 2014

Low Down“, at The 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The film stars: John Hawkes, Elle Fanning, Glenn Close, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Flea,


Flea tells the story of when he hit on author and subject Amy Albany at a Hollywood grocery store near their homes in the late 1970’s.


Low Down

Elle Fanning as Amy Albany in a still from the film “Low Down”.





Amy Albany shares a funny story.





Elle Fanning discusses what it was like to play the part of Amy.



Glenn Close describes her role as Amy’s Grandmother.