6 Things that were better at this year’s Sundance:

Here are 6 Things that were better at this year’s Sundance over previous years:

1) Ewaitlist

The new EWiatlist was a success (except for the problems mentioned before). It made filling in gaps in our schedule a lot easier without freezing to death. Work out some kinks and it will rock next year.

2) The Video Loop that played before the films started

There were two different loops that played on screen before the films started. One had photos of the films in the festival and the other had a “Wheel Of Fortune” letters you could try to guess the films.  Making some sort of game out of these is great.

3) New Frontier Location

Having the New Frontier downtown was a big improvement. When it was out at The Yard, last year, I didn’t even go.

4) New Frontier Teasers

The teasers for the New Frontier exhibits that were shown before films were excellent.

5) Better trained volunteers 

The volunteers this year seemed to be better trained and more knowledgeable. This was especially critical for the ones that were at the bus stops. They were awesome at getting us where we needed to go.

6) Excellent Porta-Potties

 The porta-potties at the Eccles and MARC were so nice. They were better than most indoor restrooms.